A Community For

Community Builders

A private, members-only group from Doug Griffiths and the 13 Ways team. We sift through the noise that will give you the foundation and tools to build and grow your community. Membership includes a monthly newsletter, video, member mixers and a private Facebook group.

What is The Community Hub?

As a member, you will be part of this exclusive community. With that, you will receive a monthly newsletter, a monthly video from Doug Griffiths, access to members-only in-camera sessions, as well as access to other articles, podcasts and discussions to keep you sharp, challenge your assumptions and support your growth as well as that of your community.

The Newsletter

Insights from Experts in Community Success

Examining the most important issues facing municipalities through trendsetting research and analysis, delivered to you monthly. This issue will provide tangible ideas and action that you can bring to your community.

Connect with Peers

Meet, Learn & Collaborate with other Community Leaders

It is not just Doug and the 13 Ways team bringing you the information and analysis you need-to-know. Lean on the expertise and pick the brain of your fellow members in a judgement-free monthly Virtual Member Mixer and invite only  Facebook community. 

Meet Doug Griffiths

Doug Griffiths is the President of 13 Ways Inc. and author of the best selling book, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community.

13 Ways Inc. was founded as a company to facilitate success in building communities people want to live in and can prosper within. It started as a company with a passion and commitment to improving the lives of people in small rural communities. Since then our team has expanded to include experts in facilitation, branding and marketing, retail and downtown redesign opportunities, and building intentional healthy communities. They have served hundreds of communities around the globe.